Closed School Discharge for Students and Parents

If a college closes while a student is enrolled or soon after the student withdraws, and the student is unable to complete the educational program at another college, the student and parent may be entitled to a discharge of their federal student loans that were borrowed to pay for the closed school.

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New starting salary data can help parents set college savings goals

New data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) shows average starting salaries of students who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2017 are up slightly from the previous year. These figures can help parents determine how much they need to save for their child’s future college education.

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Tax reform 2.0 would allow parents to pay off student loans with 529 plans

House Republicans released an outline of “tax reform 2.0”, which builds on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed by President Trump in 2017. It includes provisions that would allow tax-free withdrawals from 529 plans to pay for home schooling costs, apprenticeship fees and student loan payments.

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Using your 529 plan to pay for room and board

Room and board costs make up a large portion of a student’s total college bill, second only to tuition. If you’ve been saving for college in a 529 plan you can withdraw funds tax-free to pay for room and board, but only if certain requirements are met.

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Comparison of 529 plans and Roth IRA for college savings

Both 529 college savings plans and Roth IRAs can be used to save for college. However, a 529 plan offers several advantages when the student enrolls in college and a Roth IRA is better when the student decides to not go to college.

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